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Opticam 200 Push Camera System

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Opticam Sewer Inspection Push Camera System

The Opticam system is a portable push camera designed to inspect and record mainlines, pipelines and underground infrastructure videos. The user-friendly keypad has been redesigned with an easy “On Demand” recording and snapshot button to help speed up inspection time. Technicians can easily record vital inspection data and client information using the available on-screen text-writer and footage counter. A built-in microphone and speaker allows the technician to record voiceover videos and then play the video back on the 10.4” LCD monitor. Geared to inspect sewer pipes from 3” up to 12” inch diameter. A built-in sonde which transmit a 512 Hz frequency which is locatable with a 512 Hz locator. The Opticam system also comes with a free downloadable Insight Vision App for IOS and Android mobile devices which allows users to view, record, snapshot and share sewer inspection videos.

The Opticam inspection system has an integrated wireless module built into the command module to stream live video to a smart phone or tablet. The live streaming application is supported by Apple and Android operating systems. With this app you can view, record and save both video and pictures on your mobile device.
Free to download, the Go Vue Wireless App is on the Apple Store for Apple devices, or the Google Play Store for Android devices. In the search section enter “Go Vue” or “govue”. Select the Go Vue app and download to your device.

The Opticam is equipped with 60m of 12mm cable and a 33mm self levelling camera head. Camera features:
 Modular Design Camera
 Clearview Picture and Video
 Stainless Steel Housing
 Water-Resistant Camera Head
 Ultra-bright LED Lights
 Tough 2mm Sapphire Glass

Includes a 2” and 3” set of skids.
The Opticam is run off an external milwaukee battery adaptor which allows constant running time.


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