Affordable Jetter Services: Cost-Effective Drain Clearing

Here at Sewer Cameras Australia, we understand that preventative maintenance is key to avoiding costly plumbing emergencies. That’s why we recommend scheduling a jetter service for your drains at regular intervals. We recommend the following schedule:

  • First service: At around 50 hours of use.

  • Ongoing maintenance: Every 6 months or annually, depending on usage.

Our standard jetter service includes:

  • Replacing Engine, Pump, and Gearbox Oil

  • Replacing the Fuel Filter

  • Cleaning the Air Filter

  • Replacing Spark Plugs

  • Checking All Valve Clearances

This comprehensive service ensures your jetter is operating at peak performance and helps prevent future problems. The cost for our standard jetter service is just $350.00 (including GST).

The Jetting Process

Here’s what to expect when you call a professional jetter service (or hydro jetter service):

  • Preparation: The technician will locate the access point for your drain and protect surrounding areas from water spray.

  • The jetting process: Using a specialized hose connected to the powerful jetter machine, the technician will introduce high-pressure water into the drain line, effectively clearing the clog and flushing out any debris.

  • Inspection and follow-up: The technician might use a camera to inspect the drain lines for any underlying issues and offer recommendations for future maintenance to prevent future clogs.

Types of Jetter Services

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting: High-pressure water jetting involves the use of powerful streams of water to dislodge and remove blockages from drains and sewer lines. This method is highly effective in clearing tough clogs and obstructions, ensuring thorough cleaning of the drainage system.

  • Sewer Jetting: Sewer jetting services are specifically designed to address blockages and buildup within sewer lines. By delivering high-pressure water streams into the sewer system, these services can effectively clear debris, roots, and other obstructions, restoring proper flow and function.

  • Drain Jetting: Drain jetting services focus on clearing clogged drains and pipes within residential, commercial, and industrial settings. With precision nozzles and adjustable pressure settings, drain jetting can tackle a wide range of blockages, from grease and debris to mineral deposits and tree roots.

When Should You Call a Jetter Service Near You?

  • Grease buildup: Over time, grease can accumulate in your drains, causing slow drainage and potential blockages.

  • Tree root removal: Pesky tree roots can infiltrate your drain lines, causing significant clogs.

  • Stubborn blockages in sewer lines: Jetting services can handle even the toughest clogs in your main sewer line.

Common Applications of Jetter Services

  • Residential Properties: In residential settings, jetter services are commonly used to clear clogged sinks, toilets, showers, and sewer lines. These services are essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment, preventing backups and water damage.

  • Commercial Properties: Commercial buildings often have complex drainage systems that require regular maintenance to prevent disruptions and downtime. Jetter services are indispensable for keeping drains and sewer lines clear in commercial properties such as office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

  • Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, jetter services are used for heavy-duty cleaning of drains and pipelines in manufacturing plants, factories, and processing facilities. These services are essential for ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations, as well as preventing costly production delays.

Benefits of Jetter Services

  • Efficient Cleaning: Jetter services offer efficient and thorough cleaning of drainage systems, removing stubborn blockages and buildup with ease. The high-pressure water jetting technology ensures that even the toughest clogs are effectively cleared, restoring optimal flow and function.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: In many cases, jetter services can be more cost-effective than traditional methods of drain cleaning. By avoiding the need for expensive repairs and replacements caused by neglected blockages, jetter services can save both time and money in the long run.

  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular jetter services can help prevent future drainage issues by keeping pipes clean and free-flowing. By removing debris and buildup before they become major problems, jetter services contribute to the longevity and reliability of the drainage system.


Don’t let clogged drains disrupt your life!

Jetter services offer a powerful, quick, and safe solution for restoring flow and peace of mind to your plumbing system. Contact Sewer Cameras Australia, your trusted plumbing jetter service, drain jetter service, or jetter truck service today and experience the difference!

Bonus Tip: Regular drain maintenance, such as avoiding pouring grease down the drain and using drain guards, can help prevent future clogs and the need for jetting services.

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