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Forward Facing Root Cutter Nozzle


Available on backorder


Forward Facing Root Cutter Nozzle with 1/4”QR

  • Made in Germany 050 nozzle
  • Invading nozzle with 3 rear jets and a front ceramic turbine nozzle that focuses a jet at 20° cone.
  • This new hardened stainless-steel nozzle has huge thrust to propel down the line while the front jet’s circular motion smashes away the choke. This Nozzle is complete with 1/4″ 350mm flexible hose connection to allow the nozzle to drop down tight shafts when using larger 3/8″ hoses.
  • a powerful tool for difficult blockages in larger lines. The turbine jet will obliterate organic and non-organic blockages like silt and slurry and sanatory chokes. The rear jets drive the nozzle forward and blast away the blockage, thoroughly cleaning the line.


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