Jetwave Jetters

Sewer Cameras Australia supplies a wide range of Jetwave Jetters to Plumbers Australia wide. Jetwave Jetters are renowned for being top of the line in terms of technology and durability and easy to operate. The Jetwave G2 range is designed and built in Australia. G2. More features. More innovation. More technology. Experience the next generation of high-pressure cleaners and water jetters!

Leading Technology

Jetwave Jetters are packed with the latest innovations in technology and the Jetwave team is always looking to build upon and improve their product range. Their research and development team regularly attends trade shows to see what innovations are on the horizon and visits overseas suppliers and manufacturers to consult with them and get an expert’s opinion on what could be improved.

The latest range of Jetwave Jetters are no exception to this innovation, with its unique design philosophy as they come with the latest Jetwave triplex pumps and a multi-configuration design in addition to a stainless-steel exoskeleton and centralized control scheme. All its Jetter components sit within the stainless steel framework, allowing better protection!

Durability – Stainless Steel Exoskeleton

Go hard. Go anywhere. G2’s precision CNC formed exoskeleton protects critical components, shrugging off bumps, knocks and harsh weather while enhancing operator safety.

  • Precision formed in heavy duty stainless steel
  • Superior protection for machine components
  • A world first design exclusive to Jetwave
  • Design as tough as it is attractive

Simple Controls – Centralised Control

Inspired by performance motoring, everything you need to see and do is right up front on one panel. Every control point and monitor. Easier to use, simple to mount, it’s a durable masterpiece of functionality.

  • All controls on one side improve access for adjustments and shut off, enhancing user safety
  • Plug and play connections made easy for any mounting configuration
  • Panel mounting of components reduces the risk of breakage, saving on service costs and increasing reliability


Smart. Efficient. CAD designed and CNC created. The G2 form factor brings new versatility and flexibility to mounting in virtually any configuration. Its modularity cleverly sidesteps virtually any need for expensive, ad hoc unit customisation. Embrace a future proof concept that opens up the scope of any business and allows rapid, optimised setup by any authorised reseller to help fast track customers into operators.

  • Your needs, your spec – built to work with your fleet
  • Have your machine optimised to how you work
  • Potential for optimised vehicle layout maximises space and productivity
  • The versatility to cope with future vehicle changes and upgrades
  • Vehicle storage space maximised
  • No need for costly individual unit fabrication
  • Kit options available
  • Offering multiple hose reel configurations
  • Greater portability, smaller footprint in your vehicles

Need help finding the right Jetter for you?

Sewer Cameras Australia supplies a wide range of Jetwave Jetters to Plumbers Australia-wide, if you are looking for a new Jetter or looking to upgrade what you are currently using, contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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