Can a sewer camera see through water?

Can a sewer camera see through water?

Sewer Cameras can make precise findings when the water through the pipe is clear. Mirky water makes it harder to conclude findings through the drain camera.

Sewer Camera Inspections identify the following:

Locate Your Sewer Lines

Sewer cameras may transmit signals to a receiver above ground utilizing associated locating devices, allowing your plumber to find your sewer lines precisely.

Clogged drain

When the main water supply is under strain, sewage leaves your home by the strength of gravity. When your sewage line is clogged by debris, oil, hair, it can cause your sewer to back up or drain slowly. You may use a sewer camera to determine what’s causing the obstruction, whether a clog, tree root, or collapsed pipe.

Identify Types of Pipes

You can’t tell what kind of sewer system you have because the pipes are buried beneath the ground. These sewer cameras can tell you if your pipes are PVC or cast iron, and this information may be used to forecast sewer problems.

Reveals connections and fittings

A sewer camera inspection reveals fittings, tees, and other forms of connections. And plumbers may use this to understand better the flow of water and the directions in which it moves.

As part of the above pointer on what a sewer camera inspection can identify, it shows it can help reveal fittings and water connections underground.  In addition, we may utilize it to stream water via the connectors. As a result, we have a better understanding of how water travels from one line to another.

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